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An ISO 9001:2008, GMP & HACCP Certified Company


Glenn Herbal Products comprises of a highly qualified and experienced team for production and quality control of Ayurvedic medicines. Every care is taken right from procurement of authentic raw material still finished product. Herbal Tablets, Herbal Syrup, Herbal Oils. Our products are completely free from residual pesticides – DDT, Linden & Alpha & Beta HCN, Gamma HCN & etc. This analysis is done by using GC-MS (Gas Chromatography – mass spectrometry)

Ayurvedic prescriptions require a decent ability alongside a decent innovation to make it from unrefined medications to a very much characterized measurements shapes like syrup, cases, tablets, creams, treatment, liniment. Glenn Herbal Products has cutting edge GMP fabricating unit consenting to the state FDA standards and directions.

Every one of the hardware have been uncommonly outlined and created keeping in view about Ayurvedic standards. Standard preparing of GMP is been given to the general population to comprehend the significance of the procedure and examining at each stage. Gigantic assembling limit empowers us to convey institutionalized items on time.

Once the recognizable proof of the natural medication is affirmed it is taken for preparing. In long time past days the herbs were subjected to smashing physically and overflowed with water on kindling in mud pots.

Keeping the ayurvedic standards in place we utilize present day apparatuses to do the above occupation on vast scale, taking into thought different parameters set by us to enhance the nature of item and all the while fabricate the item with settled norms set by us in order to dodge cluster to clump variety and give consistency in all groups.

We utilize roundabout warming framework i.e steam jacketed vessels to remove the home grown medication in extractor and again focus the concentrate under vacuum to safeguard the distinctive constituents of natural medication.

On line testing is done to affirm the best possible extraction and focus handle. In the wake of going through this critical phase of handling of home grown medication, comes the phase of arrangement of various measurement shape like syrup, cases, tablets, creams, liniments and so on.

We at, Glenn Herbal Products are resolved and centered around Quality control and Quality confirmation of ayurvedic prescriptions.

We have refined quality control and Microbiological research facility. Each care is been taken appropriate from verification of crude material, preparing and affirmation of institutionalized completed items. We are resolved to give you imaginative measurements frames through our experience of innovative work.

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